Savers Alert Medical Alert and Medication Management


Medical Alert to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Do you have aging parents who enjoy their independence or loved ones with long-term health needs? Do you worry about them when you're not around?

You can never be in two places at one time, but with the Savers Alert Medical Alert and Medication Management system, you can give your family members the freedom they desire with the security of 24/7/365 emergency response if the unexpected occurs. 

Savers Alert from Tunstall is backed by 60 years of remote care and safety monitoring experience. Using advanced technology, the Savers Alert system offers notification to emergency responders, caregivers and/or family members.

Emergency Response Centers optimize response time and improve service reliability so that you or your loved ones can get help. Even if you or your family member cannot speak or cannot be heard, Emergency Response Centers know who you are and who to contact.

savers alert

Receiving help within an hour after a fall improves survival rate by more than 90 percent, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Savers Alert Products

Our Savers Alert products are technologically advanced with a variety of features to best meet your lifestyle and needs. Options include Mobile Alert, Mobile Alert with GPS, In-Home Landline and In-Home Cellular. Adding fall detection is optional for some products. 

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